August 2008 Corrections & Errata

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August 2008 Corrections & Errata Empty August 2008 Corrections & Errata

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 22, 2008 5:57 am

I have just uploaded corrected versions of the four Revised M&M PDFs : the Players Manual, the Maze Masters Guide, the Creature Compendium and the M&M Companion. These corrected versions can be found at the usual URLs (see the Links section or the Official M&M website).

Here is the detail of these corrections and clarifications :


PAGE 35 : A minor correction has been made in the description of the Nature’s Seduction power. Its duration is equal to the Odylic Charm of the Nymph and not to the sum of the Nymph’s Odylic Charm and level (this was a leftover from a « beta » version of the Revised rule).

PAGE 39 : The description of the Confusion power (Sorcery Magnitude 1) has been slightly modified and clarified. The reasons for these changes have been discussed on the Forum (under "Magic Errata").


PAGE 24 : Creatures with two-handed weapons (+2 to Melee) add 5 (not 10) to their Menace Rating. This too was a leftover from a beta version. Incidentally, all the Glory Awards entries in the Creature Compendium that mention this two-handed weapons bonus were correct (ie based on the +5 bonus).


These are really ultra-minor changes.

PAGE 54 : The Psychic Powers of the Hag mentioned a « Magic Factor » (another beta-leftover) and also had incorrect Psychic Strength and Power total. Also, the Glory award for the Harpy is 120 not 240 (I obviously got too enthusiastic when applying the x2 multiplier for Monsters… ).

PAGE 116 : The Glory bonus for shield-wielding Titanians should be +10 not +5, since their Large Size multiplies their basic Menace Rating by 2.

PAGE 118 : The Tragos description lacked the « Taxonomy : Folk » mention (yeah, ultra-minor as I’ve said).


PAGE 38 : The Combat Factor calculations forgot to mention that two-handed weapons provided a +1 bonus to CF. The list of Special Abilities granting CF bonuses has also been revised / rationalized : Regeneration should give +2 not to +1 (since its Glory award is 10), Multiple Heads should definitely give a bonus too (since they normally increase the number of opponents a creature may attack) , Breath Weapon (don’t ask) and Winged (just to make aerial creatures more spectacular on the battlefield). I have also removed Crushing Damage (but not Crushing Missiles) and Psychic Powers, since these did not really seem as important as far as mass combat is concerned.

Well, that's all, folks !


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