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MINOTAUR n°3 is here ! Empty MINOTAUR n°3 is here !

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Issue 3 of the MINOTAUR, the official, 100% free webzine of the MAZES & MINOTAURS roleplaying game, is available in PDF format from the Mazes & Minotaurs website !

This jam-packed, fully-illustrated, double-sized (48 pages !) issue brings you tons of new stuff for your M&M games, including :

Two complete scenarios : Black Chains of the Earth, by Andrew Trent, part two of our Against Atlantis! series, and The Trident of Rhana, by Kevin Scrivner.

Everything you always wanted to know (and perhaps a little bit more) about the Amazons of Mythika, plus a variant version of the Amazon character class !

New creatures and mythic items !

The Beastmaster character class, created by Erik Sieurin.

The detailed description and game stats of two of Mythika’s greatest living heroes, Pellias the Wandering Sorcerer and Titania the Amazon Princess.

Rule variants and additions !

Movie reviews !

And, of course, our ever-popular Play Nymph !

That’s right ! All this old-school RPG goodness (and MORE !) awaits you in the third issue of THE MINOTAUR… at an unbeatable price of NOTHING !

Just click on the following link and download your free PDF copy !



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