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Achilles problem Empty Achilles problem

Post  hoplitenomad on Sat Aug 02, 2008 2:26 pm

Re: The Achilles problem....

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> I have encountered an Achilles problem. A PC has an exceptionally
> high EDC that makes the PC unable to be hit.
> I was thinking a roll of two 20's in a row.
> How would you suggest I rectify the problem?

Ahh, the express limits of dice...

I use an opened ended mechanic:

Roll of 20 on a d20 allows you to reroll and add to the 20 before
adding or subtracting modifiers. This is called rolling open ended
up for those Rolemaster fans who're keeping score.

Roll 1 on a d20 means you reroll the d20 and subtract the result
from 1 before adding or subtracting modifiers. This is called
rolling open ended down. Rolling a 20 on the second roll means Eris
has taken a keen interest in the drama and disaster has struck. In
this case the d20 explodes further downward. For Ex: you roll 1
followed by a 20 followed by a 7, the final die roll, before
modifiers would be -26 (1 - 20 - 7 = -26).

Exploding dice are not a new idea but it's worked for my d20 games
as well as my HARP/ROlemaster games for years.




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Achilles problem Empty Re: Achilles problem

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:15 pm

It's true that some heroes may have outrageously high EDC but as I think I replied on the newsgroup when this question was first raised, I really don't see this as a problem. Having an outrageously high EDC may make you "unhittable" in combat but attackers can sometimes get bonuses for special situations and, more importantly, combat is not the only way to kill a foe : that's why we have traps, poison, magic etc. What this means is that the enemies of such invulnerable warriors will have to "fight dirty" and resort to treachery or magic to get them down - an idea which I find very consistent with the overall heroic / magical / mythical tone of the game.


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