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Post  seneschal on Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:02 am

Matoran Beast Warrior

Taxonomy: Folks

Description: The Matoran are peaceful inhabitants of an alternate, bio-mechanical, dimension who are beset by robotic savages bent on their subjugation. Matoran heroes and mystics have succeeded in defeating some of these cybernetic criminals by launching them into another plane of existence. Unfortunately, that other realm happens to be Mythika. The Rahki, “beast warriors,” arrive bereft of their advanced weaponry but retain their great strength, ferro-ceramic body plating, and rending pincers. Their goal is to conquer Mythika in order to use its resources to return to and seize control of their own world.

The beast warriors’ comparatively clumsy manipulators are incapable of handling most human equipment. They are living beings but apparently don’t need to breathe or eat, although some of the creatures have large, toothy mouths. Some warriors are able to operate underwater. All of them can endure environmental conditions that would kill a human.

Size: Large

Ferocity: Dangerous

Cunning: Average

Mystique: Weird

Movement: 90’

Initiative: 12

Melee Attack: +6

Damage: 2d6 (metallic pincers)

Defense Class: 17

Hits: 30

Detection/Evasion: +0/+0

Mystic Fortitude: +2

Special Abilities: Charge Into Battle (+4 INI), Crushing Damage, Grapple (Might 20), Natural Armor, Supernatural Vigor

Awards: Glory 130, Wisdom 10

Additional Lore:


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